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Our Starter Package Includes The Following:

  • Domain

A domain is the address to your website. It will look something like or (There’s a lot of other TLD names like .org, .net, etc..)

We will work with you and give you our professional advice on what domain(s) will work best with your online needs.

A domain is a residual fee that will be charged on a yearly term to your domain provider.

An example of a domain

  • Hosting

In conjunction with a domain you will also need hosting for your website. We offer advanced hosting services through Vancouver Web Hosting Solutions.

Hosting is where we store the files that construct your website. Domains are used to find the address of where we “park” your files. This is why you need both a domain and hosting.

Hosting is a residual fee that will also be charged on a yearly term.

  • Content  / Content Integration
We have a team of professional content writers that can help you with the development and styling of your websites content. We will work back and forth with you to consult and fine tune what you’re presenting to your audience.
  • Page Hierarchy 
We will work with you to develop the required pages you need for your site. We will create the required headings and hierarchy to maximize your traction with major search engines and capture as many visitors / leads as possible.

  • Online Marketing Consultation 
Generally speaking, when it comes time to create a vanity website it means one of two things for a company. It can mean you’re trying to gain credibility with a professional tailored website – Or it can mean you’re trying to market your business online.

We provide curated advice on how to market your business online and help you succeed with your new website.

  • Theme of your choice
Included in this package is a selection of professional website designs that you can pick one from. We will tweak the design to match your corporate identity to help build brand loyalty and insure the professional image of your company.

All themes are fully responsive and work in major browsers and look good even on mobile devices.

  • Responsive tweaking
Sometimes based on the pictures you give us and the content we articulate, there may be issues arising in cross platform compatibility. We include responsive tweaking and make sure that your website functions great in screen sizes of all sorts.

  • Implementation on server
Now that we’ve built your new online business card out, we need to launch your website on the server. Included in this package is the protocol of putting all your site files and database on your hosting (server) and making sure your website is online for the world to see.

  • GBL Creation, Integration & Optimization
What sets us aside from our competition are our attentive eye for details. We ensure that your business is found on Google / Bing searches and you are viewed as a legitimate business to Google.

We’re proud to offer our Google My Business Listing Creation and / or Optimization in this package as an included service as this is not only crucial, but what sets Metric Web Design Inc. Miles ahead of the competition.

Most of our competitors cannot beat our price point on this great starting package for an up and coming business.  It’s with this general process and care after the fact that we have helped businesses of all kinds in many, many different markets succeed online.

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