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August 21, 2019 4:21 pm Published by Mitch Schols

Vancouver Web Design — You’ve likely Googled it and found Metric Web Design Inc. You probably glanced at our pages and you probably are thinking:

“They do a bit of everything, but why should I do business with Metric?”

When looking for Vancouver Web Design, there are a lot of firms and choices in the GVRD (Greater Vancouver Regional District) big names, fancy offices, attractive secretaries, it’s Vancouver.

But here at Metric, we have very attractive reasons for local Vancouver businesses to go with us, despite the lack of the latter point. We are going to simply list the differences of going with a local Vancouver Web Design firm such as us rather than the larger Vancouver Web Design firms.

Vancouver Web Design – The Competition

Here is a list of things we have observed in our years as independent Web Designers and as individuals in the Web Design industry working for years in Vancouver on our own and our previous jobs with said bigger firms and what they are and do:

  • They outsource their work to foreign countries sometimes entirely, and simply upon receiving the files back from India, Indonesia, they spend only a few hours just fixing the mistakes done by their low-quality flip job and make a killing off your lack of knowledge by giving you a templated, entirely non-custom website and keeping you in the dark.

    Firms like this charge upwards of $100 – $160 an hour but only have a handful of local in-house Vancouver Web Designers.

  • Their are entire firms dedicated to creating Websites on platforms such as Wix, Shopify. Which are the epitome of “Template Website” which hurts a businesses ability to get their full Marketing ROI.

    These platforms redirect a lot of your SEO scores and traffic through their own servers. Instead of getting 100% of your score with Google and ranking YOUR website, they are piggy-backing off your marketing efforts and gaining more traffic themselves, you may only receive 60% of the score. In other words: Your marketing money after the fact is being wasted by a certain percent.

    Also, these platforms are highly limiting in their construction. Their plugins are all monthly fees and even the website itself is a monthly fee. They may seem like low fees, but when you want to amp-up your businesses identity and realize you need to start from scratch with a custom website — those monthly fees are essentially wasted money.

    Or you may find yourself being bamboozled with their “Plans” and find yourself paying them exorbitant monthly fees for features you won’t be using, when you call and ask when you find out you were bamboozled they’ll defend you essentially paying them more for nothing, you won’t get refunded and you might have wasted thousands in a year, especially with their eCommerce / Web Store plans.

    Platforms such as Wix, Shopify have horrible customer support of people trained with handbooks with no knowledge whatsoever what makes up a website or how to do anything technical really at all. Some of these firms that set you up with these Websites won’t even offer you their help and direct you to contact the platform. Essentially these firms are just middle-men.

  • Web Design Firms that work as above and similarily have a very high turn-over rate of local workers as they are replaced by outsourcing and also usually require your communications to go down a “Line Of Command” you don’t get to actually talk to the Graphic Designer, or the Front-End developer to really hone in what you want.

    You can’t just pick up the phone and ask “What is going on?” and they won’t reveal the potential things you could be doing better, worse; they won’t reveal what they could be doing better for YOU.

  • They lack multi-skilled staff: a big issue also is the lack of multi-skilled staff in Vancouver Web Design firms, this leads to more hours on the invoice as projects are handed back and forth and more time is spent communicating rather than charging you more for the actual work being done.

Those are just a few observations we have on the topic of the Competition, but this isn’t to say there aren’t good Vancouver Web Design firms. We actually really like some of the smaller Vancouver Web Design team’s work in the downtown core.

Vancouver Web Design – Metric Web Design Inc.

And here are just a few reasons Metric Web Design Inc. excel in Vancouver Web Design, the difference is stark:

  • All of our work and staff are local with no foreign country outsourcing. All of our work is done and assigned to a few individuals who are multi-skilled, instead of a larger team and an exorbitant hourly rate.

    Hiring us helps the local economy, which is one of the main reasons we started Metric Web Design Inc. to help the local economy, by helping local businesses in Vancouver and the GVRD.

  • We create all of our Websites custom step-by-step with your approval and guidance. We advise from making Template Sites or suggest a heavily modified version to lessen the negatives of such. We being multi-skilled and the team you are hiring personable and local; you can pick up the phone and talk to somebody who actually:
  • A. Knows what’s going on (cause they did/are doing it.)

    B. Can fix/do what needs to be done as immediately as is possible (Cause they are doing it themselves.)

  • Because we are local and multi-skilled we are able to suggest and advise on most web topics to improve your business and web presence. And it also allows us to offer many services that other Vancouver Web Design firms would outsource such as Photography, Product Photography, Video and 360 Virtual Tours which allows us to offer much better pricing.

And again, because we are the ones actually doing the work and you are there/communicating with us we provide a higher satisfaction and personability.

  • All of our work outside direct Vancouver Marketing Campaigns is a one-time fee. What we make is owned by you, for you to do anything you would like or us to do with. Unlike other firms, we will not hold your online business ransom if you want to move services, or do anything with what we feel should be YOUR property considering you paid for it. We deliver ALL files and etc upon payment.
  • Other Vancouver Web Design firms like to do contracts that lock you in with monthly fees and etc. We aren’t about that here at Metric! You buy it, you own it.

Web Design Vancouver – Local is Right

Those are some of the differences between going with a fully locally owned team/company in comparison to some of the fancy fronts downtown.

You help stimulate the local economy, get better support and better work for less money because there are no middle-men. It’s just you and us!

Contact Us today — we do everything tech and web-related here at Metric Web Design Inc. with years of experience with franchise eCommerce / Web Stores and local business web design with a multi-skilled team to offer you more than the competition.

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