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    New Westminster, BC V3M 1A5
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Mitchell Schols

Project Manager

Meet Mitch; where business experience and creativity explode to solve business problems. Also avid office cleaner.

Raymond Schneider

Team Manager and Content Creation

Who can type over 110 WPM and talk at the same time? Meet Raymond. He makes sure that your content is impeccable!

Justin Vee

Graphic Designer

Justin is our focused graphic artist. Creative, calm, and cool.

Cole Hudson

Web Programmer

When we call in the programming cavalry, Cole rides in! Put your guns down because we have the best developer in town.

Josh Traill

Web Programmer

Josh is new to the office but he's quickly becoming an up and coming web developer.

Julie Mulleady

Brand Awareness

Uh Oh, it's Julie. You'll get a phone call from her. She is the head of our sales and marketing efforts at Metric.

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