Cross-Platform Branding


Here at Metric Web Design Inc. we help Our Clients every step of the way, from concept and needing a Professional Business Logo through to us Marketing your companies new Professional Website and creating a seamless online identity.

We specialize in creating consistency across your entire Internet Presence and if you are a larger business or franchise — having a consistent Brand Image/Identity is one of the most professional ways of sticking out in today’s markets. When customers see seamless designs going from say your Facebook to your Twitter, to your Website — it creates a seamless transition that interjects your brand and your business identity as a focal element.

With our in-house Graphics team, we make sure you look good across all of your Social Media Platforms across all of your Locations, in a consistent, aesthetically pleasing way with assets being made per-platform as they all have different optimal image/design sizes. We also create Video Ads and offer Promotional Advertising Services.

We do all of this custom and embellish the Strong Brand Identity. Turning it from aesthetically pleasing — into consistently complete, no matter how customers initially find you, you will Look Professional. Everything from your Business Listings to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter — they can all look consistently professional with our services here at Metric Web Design Inc.

We do everything, so you don’t have to!

We have years of experience helping local businesses and franchises truly take their Online Identity seriously and producing results with our
Reputation Management and experience in everything Tech.

The work we do in creating consistency speaks for itself, Contact Us Today.

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