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Local Listings & Business Listings are just as important as your Professional Website — they drive people organically and allow customers to find you and should be addressed before moving on to a full Marketing Campaign. Metric Web Design Inc. possesses a large knowledge base for what it takes to Market a company in the modern age, online, in competitive online markets targeting Google Algorithms.

Local Listings are things like Business Listings such as Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp. They allow your business to show up on Google Maps, Bing Maps and gives you many benefits integrating with Search Engines for ranking higher in search results. And more traditional Business Listings and Directories that further drive traffic and real-life customers to your location/store.

We offer all of these sets of services with most of our packages and are yet more platforms we make visually consistent with our Brand Image Services. Listings are a good place to foster a consistent image across the whole of the web and to create visually seamless transitions. A proper visual image across all of your Social Media, Listings & Website are crucial in today’s Online Web Marketing.

We do everything from Management to Design. Contact Us today, we’re expecting a call from you.

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