Custom Tech Solutions


We do much more than just stunning Professional Websites and creating consistent Marketing Packages.

Metric Web Design Inc. also specializes in Custom Tech Solutions, or as some can say:

All The Other Tech Stuff

We have found in our years of operating that local businesses need help with more than just the usual affair and we have diversified ourselves to be more than just another Web Agency. We have done various systems that require more knowledge of Technology as a whole to implement than what most standard Web Technicians would know.

Metric Web Design Inc. is more than willing to offer Advanced Custom Tech Solutions Such as:

  • Internet Digital Store Signage Systems (For having custom advertisement Banners across multiple store-fronts via TV’s/Tablets.)
  • Remote Storage/Server Integration Systems (For Accountant CPA Firms, Businesses that want to access files anywhere.)
  • Inventory Sorting Systems (For eCommerce / Businesses that need to track items/stats.)
  • Franchise Store Layout Designs
  • Training Systems
  • Stream / Podcast Systems
  • Guerrilla / Alternative Marketing Tech Solutions (For Industries with tight marketing limitations.)
  • Custom PC/Computer Building (Specially built and managed for specific tasks/industries.)

We like hearing ideas and problems from our clients that we can solve in various ways by thinking outside the box:

It’s one of the main reasons people have come to us for years now, we are always able to come up with a solution to the growing pains of our clients business while both solving issues today, but also preventing potential issues tomorrow.

By being entirely in-house we can offer full solutions to your problems.

Contact Us today, we like a challenge!

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