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  • Karmik Harm Reduction

    Mun Roe

    Mitchell's energy and dedication put towards his contracts is obvious; the care and time put into projects is always appreciated. His finished products express an accessibility for users while maintaining a level of professionalism and class. Karmik has a continued relationship with Metric Web Design due to our extreme pleasure in his finished products, relative to his engaging and dynamic web design.

  • Satellite Sound Lab

    Dylan Kirby

    Metric does very high quality work. From basic web design up to complex interactive sites, graphics, SEO, and everything else, these folks have you covered. You'll have a hard time finding a better deal than working with Metric Web Design. I'm very happy with my site. I can't help myself, I gota plug it so you know this is an honest review: satellitesound.ca ... Metric will turn your ideas into reality.

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