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With Metric Web Design Inc. We have years of experience with creating and managing eCommerce Bays, eCommerce Websites and Franchise Online Sales.

A big reason some of our largest clients have chosen Metric Web Design Inc. in assisting or creating their eCommerce Stores is that we are a one-stop-shop when it comes to the management of your business and creating and fine-tuning eCommerce Bays, which includes Product Photography/Product Shots.

For smaller businesses we offer full Product Shot Services including bringing the Camera and Lighting/Shoot Equipment to your location, organizing your products to be shot and doing so in a way for us to apply and reference to creating the Product Pages on your eCommerce site. We come to you, shoot, edit the images up to above industry standard and then apply and create your Product Pages.

We like to go very in-depth and hands-on with your products while we shoot them, for superior Content, and the ability to reference and document your entire stock. When all of this is done by the same people who work on your final website/store, things come out consistent, and accurate.

For larger businesses and franchises, we offer the above but also can guide you in setting up a dedicated Photography Room or Area for recurrent Product Shots on a schedule, so it’s as simple as possible and a well working recurrent process of getting shots done, documenting new products and seamlessly pushing new products as they come in to the store.

We make everything a very hands-off process with stellar looking results. Few companies offer a full eCommerce solution like this and expect you to source your own photos, with Metric we offer this and much more including the Content Strategy and everything else you could possibly ever need in regards to the web.

The main reason Our Clients come to us is that we can take you from nothing to everything, at a more competitive price with comprehensive packages that incorporate everything you need, with no corner-cutting. Web Design, Graphics, Logos, Advanced Solutions.

We do it all — Contact Metric Web Design Inc. today.

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