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When we do Online Marketing, we are usually specifically targeting Google and following Google SEO Guidelines. And it’s for the simple fact that Google retains over 90% of all web searches and thus is the main search engine that people are competing for and the main way people find your Website and business.

Google Rankings are determined by a large criteria of things and there is always something more you can do with many quick short-term and organic long-term options. Listing Optimization and having a consistent Online Brand Identity mixed with a good Content Strategy to consistently keep churning out more content are great Long-term Ranking tactics.

Here at Metric Web Design Inc. we do all forms of Online Marketing, with the skills in Content Strategy, Cross-Platform Branding and creating Business Listings to be able to make Google happy and get you on the road to the first page organically firstly so that customers can find your website, and then with a bit of a push — attract new customers through the relevant industry/products with direct advertising based on real statistics.

We are very comfortable in Guerrilla Marketing and working with niche industries, Metric Web Design Inc. has a strong ethic when it comes to helping our clients successfully market their business. We conduct a thorough SEO Keyword/Industry SEO evaluation for every one of the unique marketing packages we create for Our Clients and react based on real numbers from the Google Analytics suite because we believe in being as cost-effective for local businesses.

Unlike the competition, we look at your business uniquely before we start marketing with you, we work within your budget and offer guidance. With our skills in Web Design, we can offer more compelling marketing strategies because we can integrate your entire online presence into creating better quality customers, and funnelling as many as possible through as many avenues as possible to your business in ways other marketing firms would not be able to offer.

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