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Here at Metric Web Design Inc. we specialize in helping you get Your Piece Of The Pie!

There are many different tactics and approaches for Online Marketing and marketing your business, we are well versed in creating unique marketing packages for local businesses with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness that are unique to them.

Regardless of your business size, we have proven methods to increase your rankings on Google & Bing Search Engines — but that is just a start to everything we do in our marketing packages. There are different strategies and tools for various different products, services and where they are located and more importantly; the business offering it.

There are a lot of different unique traits that other marketing firms fail to capitalize on — offering primarily short-term marketing solutions that are cookie-cutter. They may provide good numbers, but you may be paying multiple dollars per click and thousands a month for solutions that do offer good numbers overall, but not many actual return customers at a much higher cost, when a multi-approach solution is possibly a better option long-term.

Often a short-term results campaign and a growing organic long-term results campaign combined with proper knowledge of an industry as a whole produce a better, lasting marketing result. Which is what we specialize doing here at Metric Web Design Inc.

Some examples of short-term marketing strategies include:

  • Google/Bing Pay-Per-Click Ads (Guaranteed Ranking)
  • Exterior Third-Party Campaigns/Blasts
  • Certain Marketing Services that Yellowpages or Yelp offer
  • Other Per-Click Marketing (Non-Guaranteed)

Long-term results are what we try to accomplish with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness by truly understanding your industry and taking the time to see what you have done, ask what you want to be done and create a unique package that attempts to offer longevity to your marketing numbers. We like creating consistent, ever-increasing numbers through consistency, organic long-term ranking and guerrilla tactics.

Some examples of long-term marketing strategies:

  • Website Backlinking (Direct Conversions)
  • Blogs with personable, intelligent posts with Custom Graphic Assets
  • Extensive SEO-Intensive Pages
  • Listings Optimization
  • Media Marketing
  • Leveraging your business brand to continue ranking your Website
  • Goals set in comparison to the competition in an industry, instead of an arbritrary standard

We are quite experienced in finding your target audiences, thinking of outside-the-box ways of generating them and offering long-term results that ensure you get the results you want, without wasting potentially better-spent funds in other ways. Getting a piece of the pie can be sweet with Metric Web Design Inc.

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