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We handle everything for our clients as much, or as little as they request. Including Website Domains & Hosting!

A lot of people can end up confused with the multiple components of a Professional Website or eCommerce Storefront/Web Store. There are three main things you require to have a Website Live on the Internet. The best way to understand it basically is to think of a House/Home/Residence:

  • Domain (House Address)
    You need to have a Domain, think of this like the Address to a home. This is the address plaque that separates you from your neighbours.

    EX: www.metricwebdesign.com

  • Hosting (Lot/Land)
    Hosting is having space on a server on the Internet, you can think about this as owning/renting the land you put your house on.
    We offer in-house Hosting and also can manage and help you find Hosting that works for your needs.
  • Website Files (House)
    And finally, your Website Files/All the Code that makes up the Look and Function of your Website.Think of these like a Mobile House, just plop it on a Lot/Land, put up your Address Numbers (Domain) so people can find you and since you plopped your House on it, people on the internet can Go to your Website!

We have top-quality in-house Hosting with the latest in Security Features. We can help you every step of the way and keep everything under one roof here at Metric Web Design Inc. and get you from having nothing to a Full House!

We do everything and fill every box for you from having nothing to a Great Visual Look and a Fully Branded, consistent Professional Website.

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