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When it comes to Social Media Marketing, Metric Web Design Inc. offers extensive, comprehensive packages made for you, and what makes your business unique. With experience doing various campaigns for national franchises and a laundry list of local businesses big and small, we have a great grasp of modern Social Media Platforms and creating a consistent Brand Image, visually dazzling ads and bringing customers to Your Website!

A lot of companies fail to implement new tools and features that are constantly changing in the Online Marketing space.

Social Media Marketing is a jungle of guerilla warfare that changes industry to industry and we specialize in tactically creating results. We were early adopters of the Facebook Business platform before bigger companies ever used it for big players like Walmart.

We live and breathe the internet at Metric and we are constantly updating with the times — being at the forefront of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Marketing.

We believe strongly in multi-faceted approaches to Online Marketing of all forms combining Organic Growth with Campaign driven results that are cost-effective and look at the bigger picture. Social Media is about consistency, visually captivating an audience and being personable. We understand local businesses and a multitude of different markets with the experience to know what works and what doesn’t.

From Brand Identity to Media Protocols, we analyze your business and offer unique marketing packages tailor-built for your business that address issues and offers solutions with long-term marketing results.

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