Is Web Design Still In Demand in 2019?

August 7, 2019 11:35 pm Published by Mitch Schols

Is it still in demand? What about the future?

I’ve gone onto various threads and seen a ton of different opinions. The obvious leading to “Yes, of course, it is!” or some other surface-level answer.  I think that “Web Design,” is too broad of a term. So when you ask “Is web design still in demand?” it’s kinda like asking “Is general contracting still in demand?”

A lot of eager beavers have a fantasy of themselves programming in Sublime Text with Command Prompt open looking something like Crash Override from the movie Hackers. While this is, of course true when you’ve put a few notches in your belt, it’s a pipe dream for anyone with little to no experience. I’ve encountered first hand a student, recently graduated, become so attached to this idea that they wouldn’t even consider something more entry-level.  Heck, I think I even fell victim to this in my infancy of “Web Designing.” I think it’s important to breakdown what web design even is to further discuss the topic.

What is Web Design?

Web Design is usually used incorrectly. These incorrect uses of web design generally refer to a website creator, manager, and a sorta catch-all to anything to do with a website. While some may argue that this is really true – I differ.

Web Design is truly the design of a site. This includes:

  • Website Colours
  • Typography
  • Styling Elements
  • Motion Graphic Elements
  • User Interface Design
  • Page Layout

Even then, U/I Design and Page Layout may be done before (and after) the “Designing,” phase is completed. You might even argue that a “Web Designer,” doesn’t code anything! This might just be the Web Developers job. Before I get into other spectrums of working online and their respective titles I want to answer the main question.

Is Web Design Still In Demand in 2019?

Not for entry-level designers. If you practice and build your portfolio up I think that it’s a great place to start and gain exposure to the niche careers that people take online. Now more than ever I’ve noticed an increase in competition. This only means the skill level of entry-level web designers is reaching new expectations. Working online doesn’t mean being a Web Designer.

So what is in demand? What Career choices to I have then?

There are so many areas that ARE in demand though! You just need to be creative and think outside of the box. I remember back before 2012 when anyone that used the term “SEO,” could get a job. Some of the “SEO Gurus,” didn’t have a friggin’ idea what they we’re doing. That all changed when Penguin hit though lol.

To give you an idea, recently a new area of online working has seriously started to boom called Reputation Management. A major part of this is making sure all Google My Business reviews are responded too. Anything public that’s communicated with the company needs to be documented, processed, then acted upon.

That’s just one expanding field that every upcoming company needs to focus more energy on. There are literally hundreds of positions online. Here’s a list of careers:

Web Developing

  • Front-End
  • Back-End

Online Marketing

  • Google PPC & Landing Page Building
  • Video Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing

Social Media

  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Marketer

Graphic Designer

  • Web Designer
  • Print Designer


These are again, some broad terms to think about. It’s some of the few positions out there. I generally don’t write a lot so I’m trying to invest some time in Metric’s blog to build on some of my weaknesses. If anyone feels as if they object and think I should change anything. Please make a comment below and let’s see if we can create a good article for people curious in 2019.


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